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We are an indie team of artists and developers from Canada making games and art assets. We hope that through our products and services we will be helping other indie developers like us and make your games a reality.

Multiiply Network SDK

Key features:

Native Sockets, No CCUs, UDP and TCP networking, No Message Limits, peer to peer network encryption, automatic large message fragmentation, no dependencies

Get the Unity Asset Here

Multiiply Network SDK is a work of passion from us to you. We know that making network games have always been difficult. The Multiiply Network SDK is developed from the ground up to make multiplayer game development easy to get started.

The network SDK is built to last, and scale. It allows you to build your multiplayer game from prototype to a full fledged multiplayer system. There's no CCU or messaging limit. This means there are no strings attached to scale up your game once it goes live. The system is also developed to support large game worlds with instancing and zone management, allowing you to dynamically scale your game world and manage your server resources with ease.

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